Everyday Hero CPO Ira “Brett” Trussell

As the official furniture store of the Miami Dolphins, you might think a win at the end of four quarters would be our proudest moment of the game. But for us, it’s what happens at halftime that makes us really honored to partner with the team.

This is when we take a moment to salute our Everyday Hero. A program started by the Miami Dolphins, an Everyday Hero is a member of the military selected to be celebrated during every home game halftime. Naturally, we were more than happy to join the recognition, adding a $1,000 City Furniture gift card to the ceremony. For us, it’s just a small token of thanks to help them make a comfortable home, especially after spending so much time away from theirs while defending our nation.

This week’s Everyday Hero, and the first of the season, was Chief Petty Officer Ira “Brett” Trussell. Currently stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, Petty has been in the military for 28 years, with his first deployment in 1995. He joined the military right after high school, following in the footsteps of his father and brothers.

Over the years, Petty has received multiple medals and achievements, including the promotion to his current rank of Chief Petty Officer. He’s also accomplished many personal victories, such building as wells and schools in Africa. And as it turns out, while he’s been a fan of the Dolphins since the age of 12, this was the first time he got to see a Miami Dolphins game in person.

Thank you for your service, our Everyday Hero!