Get Active with Dad Celebrate Father’s Day with heart healthy living

This Father’s Day, we’re honoring Dads the best way we know how—and that’s by keeping them healthy. It’s all inspired by the American Heart Association, and their “Getting Active with Dad” campaign.

The idea is to celebrate dad by doing something that is beneficial to everyone’s health, like a riding a bike or playing a sport. In fact, the American Heart Association recommends getting at least 150 minutes of activity every week.

Take Chad Simpson, our VP, Deputy CIO. He’s making sure to set an example for his two young girls by getting regular exercise. Chad knows that by starting early and getting the whole family involved, not only is he creating healthy habits, but he’s helping them bond too!

We’re so proud to see our own associates get active. Heart health is a cause that’s very important to City Furniture, which is why the American Heart Association is one our biggest partners. Just last year we raised $73,000 on their behalf, through various fundraising and the annual walk.

Learn more about City’s 5% Giving Pledge and the American Heart Association’s Get Active With Dad campaign.