10 Reasons You Need a Bed in a Box Introducing our sleep-changing mattress

It’s insanely comfortable, undeniably supportive, and it comes neatly packaged inside a sweet little box. Need we say more on the craze that is keeping us all fast asleep a night? Quite literally the stuff that dreams are made of, this innovative “bed in a box” mattress is City Furniture’s best kept secret—and here’s why the word is quickly getting out.

1. It promotes better sleep:

Did you know that tossing and turning is caused by pressure points closing down on blood vessels and pinching nerve endings? This ends up interrupting REM, which is the part of your sleep cycle that leaves you feeling rested. That’s why we use special memory foam that actually eliminates pressure points. No more waking up tired!

2. It’s comfortable:

Like, SO comfortable. Featuring a magical combination of three different layers of memory foam, our bed in a box manages to be deeply supportive without feeling too firm. You’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud, and it’s basically like living in your dream world night after night.

3. It keeps you cool:

The top layer of our magical foam combo is actually a gel foam (ahem, the same kind you’d find in more expensive mattresses). Not only does this provide conforming support, but it actually regulates your body’s temperature so you sleep cooler. And let’s face it, that’s just what most of us need.

4. It restores your muscles:

Remember that special foam that eliminates pressure points? Well it actually works double duty to repair and rejuvenate your muscles while you snooze away. It’s like hitting the reset button every time your head hits the pillow, leaving you ready to take on whatever the day brings.

5. It’s good for your health:

Nano silver is used to set the gold standard, which naturally kills up to 99.9% of all bacteria and 100% of all dust mites. This purifying agent dates all the way back to Egyptian times, and it’s carefully infused into each mattress so it lasts the entire life cycle of the product.

6. It’s naturally clean:

We also use active charcoal and green tea extract in our sleep recipe, because they both have unbelievable benefits. Green tea works to deodorize the foam, while active charcoal (made from all-natural coconut husks) actually works as a drying agent to prevent mold and mildew. And neither will ever wear or wash off!

7. It comes with options:

And you won’t believe the prices! Our bed in a box comes in two amazing versions. First up is our Rest & Renew Loft model, which stands at a generous 10-inches tall for just $599.95. And for those who crave just a little more height, our best-selling Villa model offers 12 inches of comfort for a mere $699.95.

8. It comes in a box!:

I mean, that’s just plain cool, right? Our mattresses come triple sealed in a small cardboard box that practically defies the laws of nature. Just pop it open and watch your mattress start to come to life. It takes 24 to 72 hours to reach its full potential, but you can start sleeping on it the day it arrives.

9. It’s hypoallergenic:

Allergy sufferers, rejoice! The advanced design is hypoallergenic, which includes a foam layer that uses synthetic latex. This equals all the reflexive, floating properties of real latex minus all the side effects.

10. It has a 20-year warranty:

We never want you to lose sleep over your purchase, which is why we offer an impressive 20-year warranty. Plus, if you buy a mattress protector, we’ll even throw in our 120 Day Comfort Guarantee. This means if you aren’t loving your mattress as much as we think you will, you get to exchange it and pick out a new one.