And So It Begins…

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]They say every great blog begins with one post—or at least that’s what they would have said had that phrase been coined circa 2009. In any case, the City Furniture blog has been a long time coming, and we are beyond thrilled to kick it off with you in our audience.[/dropcap]

So what can you look forward to week after week? Besides the obvious and ever so important topic of furniture, our passionate team is generating ideas faster than we can type. We want to take you inside celebrity homes, tell you what we love, share tips, teach you how to shop, celebrate the holidays, and maybe even profile a few of our handsome deliverymen.

Basically, it’s your source for all things cool and relevant in the world of design, home, and beyond. Since we spend so much time in the office sharing stories with one another, it was only a natural progression to find a way to share with our City Furniture fans.