25 Home Accents Under $25 Affordable picks for a quick and easy refresh

Home décor that’s on trend AND on budget? Yes please! Listen, the only thing we love more than good design is a good deal. So, we made it our mission to combine the best of both home worlds with 25 home accents under $25.

After all, these little touches go a long way in pulling your look together, and we’ll be the first to say it shouldn’t break the budget. Read on for some seriously adorable finds that are priced to thrill.

#1 Eliot Accessory $9.95


We just can’t get enough of this cute and versatile guy. Whether he’s perched on your bookshelf or holding down some papers on the office desk, it’s “owl” good here. He even works in the kids’ rooms!

#2 Daisy Candleholder $19.95


Add a little mood lighting to your next dinner party with the Daisy candleholder. The generous height adds all the good kind of drama, while the gold flecks amp up the glam factor.

#3 Piney Accessory $19.95


I mean, who doesn’t love pineapples? They are literally a symbol of friendship and hospitality, which makes it the perfect choice to make your home feel welcoming. Stick this cute sculpture anywhere you have room, and let the admiration begin!

#4 Welsh Candle $24.95


The 80s called, and they most definitely want their candle back—and who can blame them? The retro design lends a pop of color and pattern without being too much. And trust us when we say that it smells SO good.

#5 Phalaenopsis $19.95


Give your green thumb the day off! This faux orchid is all flower power with zero maintenance. And since there’s no direct sunlight required, you can place it anywhere you want to add some life—and the vase is totally included.

#6 Lumi Vase $14.95


Hello, yellow! The color of happiness is in full effect on this cheerful vase. We’re also here for the textured effect on the base, and the slim opening that allows for just a few thoughtful flowers.

#7 Cube Accessory $14.95


What can you do with this tabletop accessory? More like, what CAN’T you do with it? The key to good shelf style is having different heights and shapes, meaning this piece can slide right in just about anywhere.

#8 Isla Large Jar $14.95, Small $7.95


It really doesn’t get better than a good jar (or two). This does-it-all accessory can hold your jewelry in the bedroom, or even some cotton balls in the bathroom. Or really, just add them anywhere you want to look at something pretty.

#9 Betsy Candleholder $4.95


You had us at under five dollars. Sprinkle a few these on your dining table to bring your tablescape to life. Or on your nightstand. Or the bathroom countertop. Really, at this price, you can do all of the above. When we promised you 25 home accents under $25, we wanted to go as low as possible!

#10 Kacey Plate $19.95


If your dining table or coffee table is missing that extra something, you might have just found it—and at a really great deal. Featuring a whitewashed effect, this tray is great for holding keys, remotes, or just your favorite decorative items.

#11 Waverly Vase $14.95


In a world full of vases made exclusively for flowers, we’re showing the succulents some love with our adorable Waverly vase. The compact size is ideal for the greenery, with an on-trend textured design.

#12 Nevaeh Pot $24.95


All good greenery needs a partner, and the Navaeh pot does the job beautifully. The two-piece design allows you to use it with or without the base, and whatever you choose, it’s just what your patio needs.

#13 Birdie Accessory $9.95


Cute style takes flight with our Birdie accessory. This sweet piece can stand alone, or get creative and use it as a jewelry stand for bracelets and necklaces. (The kids will love it their room, too!)

#14 Ellie Accessory $14.95


Should we address the elephant in the room? You can when it’s the Ellie elephant accessory. Our favorite pick for the littlest ones, the puzzle-like shape is sure to make them smile.

#15 Aubree Box $19.95


Give your succulents a good home with the Aubree box. The simple design puts them on chic display, with a hinged roof that gives you easy access to move things around.

#16 Tyme Clock $19.95


Do you know what time it is? According to this next pick, it must be savings o’clock. Featuring a mirrored border and glam gold detailing, it’s perfect for your home office or bedroom.

#17 Pola Pitcher $19.95


Give yourself a splash of joy with this pitcher-inspired vase. The playful pattern and blue hues are just plain adorable. And hey, who says you can’t even use it as an actual pitcher at your next gathering?

#18 Burst Accessory $14.95


The name says it all! This tabletop accessory brings a burst of personality and style everywhere, taking your shelf game to the next level. Pair it with a set of books, next to some pictures frames, or any of your favorite accents.

#19 Lior Candleholder $12.95


It doesn’t get cooler than the Lior candleholder. With a caged metal frame, the design is all kinds of industrial and modern. And since it holds three candles, it’s triple the good smells and mood lighting.

#20 Brielle Picture Frame $14.95


Give your loved ones the spotlight they deserve with a glam picture frame. The mirrored detailing is total home goals, offering an easy way to look high end on a budget.

#21 Coil Accessory $9.95


We are (literally) having a ball with our favorite home accents under $25, and this pick shows it most of all. The Coil accessory comes in handy for just about any decorating need, from styling a tabletop tray to filling in some empty shelf space.

#22 Abree Bowl $12.95


Greenery is one accessory that goes with everything, and the Abree bowl gives yours a properly cute place to live. Plus, the oblong shape is interesting and unique, and it can play double duty as a pencil holder in the office.

#23 Zoui Accessory $19.95


We love any décor that stands tall and proud, so it’s no wonder the Zoui accessory made the 25 home accents under $25 list. The abstract design is part modern and part glam, and it all adds up to must-have style.

#24 Lucas Vase $19.95


You just can’t beat a good vase when it comes to home décor, and our Lucas vase fills the position beautifully. The blue and green marbling is so vibrant that you don’t even need the flowers to complete the look.

#25 Izzy Vase $24.95


Call it a vase or call it a bowl—just don’t call it short on function and style. Our final pick serves all décor needs, from holding a bouquet of short-stemmed flowers to your favorite selection of fruit in the kitchen. And on that note, check out our favorite ways to repurpose home accents.

Because no matter what you pick or how you style it, our favorite picks under $25 are ready to transform your home.