Bar Cart Hosting Ideas 3 ways to use this party essential

We have to say, bar carts might just be one of the most underrated pieces of furniture around. After all, it’s essentially a party on wheels, and who wouldn’t want that in their life?

But we understand the name itself might feel limiting, so we’re here to show you three different ways to use this handy little item. Because cocktails are great—but so is a snack station you can roll into any room of the house.

Coffee Cart

Move over bar cart, and welcome your daytime-approved cousin, the coffee cart. Simply switch out the spirits and shakers for coffee, tea, and all the (caffeine) fixings. It’s perfect for when you’re hosting brunch, or for that matter, as a post-meal option at any gathering. Just be sure to park it near an outlet so you can get that espresso machine going. 

Snack Station

We say yes to anything that provides easy access to snacks and treats. This idea is great for parties of all ages, from kid birthday parties to a night in with your best friends. Just load up your bar cart of choice with snacks of drinks, and let the fun begin. The mobility factor allows you to move it from the kitchen to the dining room to the living room—and even outside.

Cocktail Support

I mean, it IS called a bar cart, so feel free to serve up the cocktails. If wine or champagne is typically your drink of choice, look for an option with a stemware rack. Once again, the wheeled aspect makes it great for parties, especially in smaller spaces, as you can move it around as needed to prevent traffic jams. The shelved design leaves room for napkins, shakers, mixers, and everything to put the cherry (or olive) on top.