Discover the Power of KonMari

Are you in the KonMari fan club yet? Created by Japanese cleaning guru Marie Konda, this life-changing method of tidying up is quickly drawing a host of devoted followers—including us here at City Furniture.

The concept is simple: Keep the things that fill you with joy, and get rid of everything else. In the end, you’re surrounded only by items that you truly love, which makes a positive impact on your overall well-being. Imagine walking into a closet filled with clothes that make you feel good (instead of those skinny jeans that are a constant reminder of the five pounds you want to lose).

But don’t stop there! Next you’ll need to organize the items that remain, and naturally we were inspired to find a solution within our own showrooms—with creative storage furniture being the obvious answer. Whether it’s a pair of drawers tucked under a bed or a coffee table that doubles as a trunk, every piece helps to restore order and peace on the home front. And luckily we have an entire selection of storage furniture to solve any space-saving needs.

Just remember to donate any usable items that you no longer need, which is a valuable part of KonMari. As proud supporters of Habitat for Humanity and The Salvation Army, we encourage looking into your local chapters. After that, sit back, relax, and enjoy your new clutter-free lifestyle.