Paint Tips From the Pros

Before you start buying by the gallons and taping off your baseboards, check out these need-to-know-paint tips straight from our Design Studio experts. Our resident interior designers have been bringing home design visions to life since 2006.


flat finish1

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1. Mask imperfections with a flat finish: Whether you have imperfect walls or visible drywall seams, a flat finish paint hides a multitude of sins with a dash of sophistication. And while a flat finish paint can’t be scrubbed, it’s easily retouched and will blend right in.



Image source: Apartment Therapy

2. Clean easily with an eggshell finish: An eggshell finish can handle plenty of scrubbing with soap and water, so it’s easy to clean marks and splatters. Just keep in mind that it will show every dimple and ding in the wall, and shows a shiny spot when retouched.



Image source: Home Adore

3. Limit your paint palette: Use no more than three to four paint colors throughout your home. A saturated, rich neutral works well in the main areas, and can tie together a second color used in bedrooms or offices. You can incorporate other colors in the bathrooms, and then pull those colors into the main rooms with throw blankets, pillows, rugs, and more.


wall swatches

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4. Test paint colors properly: Since a paint color will look very different when tested over your existing wall color, use a white poster board instead. Leaving a white border, paint two coats (and allow to dry in between), and then evaluate in the room you are painting. This will give you a better sense of what it will really look like.



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5. Allow for variables: Realize that paint will always look different in the summer and winter, morning and evening, or rain and sunlight. Also, the flooring and ceiling color will reflect and affect the color as well.


kids room

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6. Have fun: Remember that it’s only paint! Let the kids choose their own color, and then take it down one shade. When they tire of it, you can easily paint over it.