Resolution Rundown

2018 is here, and we’re going all in on the theme of new. Our blog is new (or renewed, to be more accurate), our lineup is full of new (seriously, have you been to a showroom lately?), and we’re sporting our new tagline (everyone can live like this, in case you haven’t heard). So with all that being said, we couldn’t resist making some New Year’s resolution—only we’re doing it City Furniture style.


Tempurpedic Mattress Memory FoamSleep more: This is a big one, ladies and gents! Sleep is major, and it’s safe to say most of us aren’t getting enough. Not only is it great for your state of mind, but sleep is also seriously crucial to your health. Lucky for you, a Tempur-Pedic mattress is just the thing to start snoozing in bliss. Believe us, you ARE worth it.



Wood and Metal Dining Set with BenchEat better: Sure, we mean skipping the pizza in favor of salad (anyone else counting the minutes until cheat day?), but eating well also comes in the form of a new dining set. Take our Sawyer collection, which gives us industrial feels with its metal legs while keeping things casual and versatile. Anything to make that salad look a little more appetizing, right?


Wood Writing Desk with Open ShelvesBe more productive: Whether you work from home or you’re getting ready to take your side hustle to Shark Tank, it’s all about making big moves in 2018. But first things first, you’ll need to give yourself the right environment to get into work mode. Enter, the Vista wall desk. With cool open shelving and a raw finish, no doubt you’ll end up feeling inspired.


Modern Wood Outdoor Dining SetGo outside: Hello, we live in the sunshine state! And, it just so happens to be the most beautiful time of the year. Which is precisely why you need to get and enjoy the sun—especially since some good ol’ vitamin D is proven to have a slew of health benefits. Throw in the ultra-cool Linear dining set, and you’re all set to enjoy the outdoors in style.


Wood and Fabric Bed with Storage DrawersGet organized: Okay, so this one is pretty much our daily mantra, new year or no new year. And while organization is crucial in any area of life, we’re setting our sights on finding some order in the bedroom. But since adding a new walk in closet is probably not happening (maybe next year), the very stylish runner up is our Gramercy storage bed—giving you the perfect place to stash extra sweaters or linens.


Shabby Chic Accent ChairRead more: Can’t remember the last time you read a good book? Us either, and we’re finally ready to carve out some time in 2018 and catch up on all those, er, 2015 bestsellers (no one tell us how The Girl on the Train ends). Enter the McKenna accent chair, whose patina frame and cushioned seating makes a sweetly stylish reading partner.



Red Sectional With Spill Proof FabricSpend more time with family: Nothing like some family time, but let’s face it, this can get messy. And by messy, we mean spilled juice and crayons gone rogue. But like a gift from the fabric heavens, we now offer family-friendly options that make clean up a breeze. Take our Asheville sofa, whose Revolution fabric is ultra-soft and stain resistant for life.