Spring Home Trends Top 5 looks for the season

Spring is in the air, and with it comes a fresh breath of home décor trends. A time of year that’s for change and growth, this season brings some of our favorite looks yet. From curvy shapes to bold artwork, spring home trends are all about incorporating the unexpected.

And don’t worry—this doesn’t mean you have to get all new everything. Here, we’ll break down the top six trends, as well as how to mix them into the furniture and décor you already have.


Bright Colors


Forget the pastels and soft colors that are usually associated with spring. This year, we’re going bold AND we’re going home with bright colors. Think anything in the family of blues, greens, reds, and yellows.

Go big: If you want to go all in, update a focal piece with a primary hue. Think a jeweled tone sectional in the living room, or an upholstered bed in the bedroom. The bigger the furniture, the bigger the impact it will have.

Go small: You can also welcome this trend on a smaller scale by adding color through a home accent, like well-placed vase, an accent pillow, or even a new area rug.


Mixing Materials


Now is the time to start mixing things up, especially when it comes to materials. The idea is to create a space that feels more unique than unified. So instead of sticking to a single finish or texture, layer on the metals, woods, and fabrics.

Go big: Once again, the bigger the piece, the more apparent the trend will feel in your space. With that in mind, something like an accent chair or a dining room table will really bring this concept to life.

Go small: If you want a more cost-effective way to jump on mixed trends, try smaller pieces like a table lamp and accessories. Look for metals like silvers, copper, brass, and gold, and layer them on shelves and tabletops.


Maximalist Art


We’re putting minimalism on pause and celebrating the art of being a maximalist—literally. This means making way for organic shapes and bright hues on your walls. It’s also thinking less about what matches your furniture, and more about what matches your personality.

Go big: If you want to do this trend all the way, create a gallery wall. This statement-making collection of art is perfect for the living room or dining room, or even along the stairway. Just grab an assortment of your favorite pieces, and we’ll teach you how to hang them here.

Go small: You can still achieve a maximalist look with just a single art piece. Just make sure to choose a prominent wall space, like above the living room sofa, and go as big and bold as you want.


Curved Silhouettes


Lookout for curves ahead. We’re trading sharp, linear lines for more rounded silhouettes. Not only does this add interest to the room, but it also softens the space and makes it feel more welcoming.

Go big: A curvy sectional most definitely gets the point across, as well as a round dining table.

Go small: You can also celebrate curves with the simple addition of a sweeping floor lamp, or a swivel tub chair.


Statement Beds


More is more when it comes to beds this spring. The bedroom is your source of comfort and solace, and so your bed should be as big and welcoming as possible. Get ready for spread beds (also known as wall beds), as well as canopy and poster beds to take over 2019 spring home trends.

Go big: It doesn’t get bigger than a spread bed, which comes with panels that sweep the entire length of the wall. You can also add function and storage by choosing spread beds that come with built-in shelving.

Go small: Okay, so this is sort of an all in or out trend, but you can still work with your current bed to make a statement. Think new linens or refreshing the headboard by draping a scarf across. More ideas here.