State of the Art: Gallery Walls How to hang your own masterpiece

It’s time to conquer the gallery wall! A home trend that never goes out of style—and always makes an impact—gallery walls are a great way to show off your art appreciation. But if visions of nail holes and lopsided photos has you second guessing, have no fear, because we’re here to help.

Start with a good mix of wall décor

Gallery walls are all about showing off your personal style, so start with an interesting mix of pieces. Be sure to include lots of variety, from the shapes and sizes to the wall décor type. Try to incorporate at least one mirror, one abstract piece, one photo, and plenty of textures and finishes to get that eclectic effect.


Arrange everything on the floor first

When you’re working with so many pieces, the hanging options are practically endless. The easiest way to find your favorite is by laying them out on the floor, and then playing with different setups. There’s really no wrong way to do this, but we do recommend keeping your biggest pieces closer to the center. (And be sure to snap a photo of the winning combo for reference.)


Find your center on the wall

Take a deep breath, because we’re inching closer to the hanging part (pun intended). Artwork should be eye level, which is roughly 66-inches above the ground (or about 8 inches above the back of the sofa), so use a tape measure to find your center. This should be about where the bottom of your gallery wall starts.


Using tape to frame your arrangement

Ready to hang? Not so fast! Think of the ol’ measure twice, cut once rule. Frame out your gallery wall using painter’s tape, and then you’ll know exactly where the nail holes go. Probably our most valuable tip, this will save you from having to fill in misguided nail holes later.


Use tape to make a nail hole guide

Lots of wall décor comes with hangers on each end, rather than just one center, which makes it tricky to get your nails holes perfectly spaced—until now, that is. Once again, tapes saves the day as an easy cheat sheet. Just line it up with the hangers, cut to size, and then use it as your wall guide.


Take off tape and start hanging!

All that’s left to do is fill in the blanks—literally! Hammer your nails at an angle to keep your artwork firmly in place and use anchors for any extra-heavy pieces. And then sit back, enjoy the view, and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.


Try it in the bedroom!

Now that you’ve conquered the gallery all, why not try it in more rooms? We love the idea of swapping out the standard dresser and mirror set for a gallery wall. Not only will this add personality and unique style, but you’ll still get to enjoy all the same function as a regular dresser set.

And if you’re worried about all those hole marks in the wall, have no fear. Gallery walls are one of the most timeless home design trends around, so your look will never go out of style. That means your gallery wall is here to stay! Check out more of our favorite timeless home trends right here.