Trend of the Moment: Miami Modern 5 ways to get the look

Another moment in furniture means yet another trend to follow! And this time, it’s all about that modern Miami vibe. A city known for its chic style and European influence, Miami is pretty much the definition of cool—and this sultry style is just about everywhere in home design right now.

But how exactly do you bring that look to life in your home? We’ve got all the tips right here.

1)  Go White Hot:

This trend is all about keeping things cool, and by cool, we mean white hot. Go for a piece of furniture in all-white to make a true style statement, and the bold move will be sure to command some serious attention (like our Cortina bed).

White Bedroom Set Teal Rug


2)  Add Some Acrylic:

We can’t think of anything more Miami modern than furniture with acrylic accents (also known as lucite). Something about the transparency adds an instant cool factor, and it can actually make your room feel larger since it’s taking up “invisible” space—like our State Street dining.

Clear Acrylic Lucite Dining Table Set


3)  Chrome Your Home:

Nothing says chic and sleek like a hint of chrome or stainless steel. You can pull this into your design scheme with an accent like a table lamp or vase, but if you really want to go for it, look for a piece of furniture with chrome accents. Our Dante sectional gets major cool points for its subtle metallic striping.

White Sectional Sofa Chome Accents


4)  Glossy, Glossy:

If you don’t have some shine, you aren’t doing it right. Miami is known for being flashy, so your Miami modern home should be no different. You can’t go wrong with a lacquer finish, or pretty much anything with some sheen to it. Our Dimora bed is a great example, and it’s a two-for-one with accents of chrome.

Glossy White Sleek Bedroom Set


5)  Get Low:

Ultimately the mantra of this look is “less is everything,” which is why you need to stick with low profiles and clean lines. Look for pieces that feel very linear, and steer clear of anything that feels bulky or overwhelming. The simplicity of our Marquez sectional is the definition of this concept, adding an enticing edge to the room without taking over all the space.

Sectional Sofa Adjustable Headrests