What Your Bed Says About You

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]After 43 years in the business, it’s safe to say we are the experts in furniture—and the people who buy it. Read on to find your bed type and get your personality profile.[/dropcap]


The Formal Bed

If you find yourself drawn to formal beds (like the pictured Regal), it’s safe to say casual Friday does not exist in your world. Your bed is made at all times—in fact, you try to sleep in it that way—with no less than six fringed throw pillows and a dry clean-only duvet. And while you’re most likely to host Thanksgiving dinner, you spend a good portion of the meal on coaster patrol. The employees of William Sonoma know you by name, and your library exudes the smell of rich mahogany and the many leather bound books that you own.



The Dainty Bed

Like our Claire bed, if you can’t get enough of shuttered panels, turned posts, and white furniture, then wear your dainty label proudly. A strand of pearls is your best accessory, and your dress and floral-filled closet means you’re always ready for a brunch date—because that’s the only meal that matters, anyway. You’ve never seen a romantic comedy that you didn’t love (especially if it starred Matthew McConaughey), and your wedding is already planned on Pinterest. Even though you’re not actually engaged yet.



The Relaxed Bed

You’re all about furniture that reminds you of a tropical island, which is why the rattan Palm bed calls your name. In your world, it’s always 5:00, and you prefer to drink your margaritas with Jimmy Buffet playing in the background. You don’t own a pair of formal shoes, and prefer tan lines to Starbucks lines. And while you do enjoy the finer things in life and have four-star reservations booked most nights of the week, you’d secretly rather be eating a cheeseburger. In paradise.



The Contemporary Bed

Go modern or go home—to the sleek and minimalist Milan bed, that is. Like your contemporary bed, you have such a low profile that you can’t be bothered with a box spring. You like to keep drama out of your life (and color out of your wardrobe), so you tend to opt for networking over socializing. You never hit the snooze button, but that’s mostly because you have an early flight to catch for an out of town business meeting. Your busy schedule means you can’t date seriously, which you happen to think is perfectly okay.



The Glam Bed

You’re fancy and you want everyone to know, which is why you opt for the statement-making Neeva bed. Your dream job is fashion blogger—provided it would fund your love of all things designer—though you’d rather just spend your days wine tasting and keeping up with the Kardashians. There is no such thing as too many social events, and you wouldn’t be caught dead at a single one without a fresh manicure and perfect eyeliner. Your Instagram is filled with pictures of your fluffy dog and #ootd, and your friends always come to you for the best advice.



The Mom Bed

If you need your bed to multi-task (like the Sao Paolo storage bed), then chances are you’re a mom. Your purse is filled with hand sanitizer and your social calendar with soccer games, which you attend wearing perfectly tailored jeans and Tory Burch flats. You’re too busy to make the bed unless company is coming over, and you consider the Roomba to be the most necessary invention since dishwashers. And while you rarely have time to read, you most definitely made an exception for the 50 Shades of Grey series and are eagerly awaiting the movie premiere.



The Bachelor Bed

Let’s face it. If you sleep on a futon (like the pictured Tisha), you’re probably still making the transition from posters to framed wall art. And hey, that’s okay, because you likely just graduated (and own a shirt that says “College”), so you’re still developing your place in the world of grown up furniture. And although you regularly dine on fast food, you have enough charm to light a scented candle when entertaining a special date. You have a dog named Guinness or Bud that you love more than life itself, and streaking down the quad is something you have actually done.  Within the last year.