Halloween DIY Party Decor Easy ideas to bewitch your guests

Throwing a Halloween party? Then you’re going to need some bewitching décor to turn your bash into a monster mash. Lucky for you, we happen to have a few tricks—and treats—up our sleeve with our favorite Halloween DIY party decor.

And it gets even better, because they’re all easy to recreate on a dime. Just visit your local craft store or do a quick search online to pick up the inexpensive supplies.

The Goth Glam


Is there anything more classic than skulls and spiders for Halloween décor? Didn’t thinks so! And by adding some flowers and artsy elements, we take it from spooky to spook-tacular.

What you’ll need:

•Two skull vases for the flower pots

•Fake flowers for the arrangement

•Three mason jars

•One pack of cobwebs

•One pack of fake spiders

•String of battery-operated LED lights (for inside the mason jar)

•One server


The Candy Corner


This PG-rated idea is perfect for parties with kids, or anyone who’s just not a fan of skulls and gore. What we love about this classy idea is that it can be repurposed as your fall décor all season long.

What you’ll need:

•Two hurricane candle holders

•Two LED or standard candles

•One bag of black jelly beans or coffee beans (for the hurricane)

•One bag of candy corn (for the other hurricane)

•Real or foam pumpkin, carved and hollowed

•Fake flowers for the arrangement

•Mini pumpkins

•One branch wreath

•One server


The Spooky Drink Station


This one’s channeling some spirits—and we do mean that literally. Perfect for the over 21 crowd, the last of our Halloween DIY party decor is all about getting creative and layering on the puns.

What you’ll need:

•Real or foam pumpkin to make the ice bucket

•Real or foam pumpkin and paint to make the “More Boos Please” décor

•Mini chalkboard sign and chalk to make the “Pick Your Poison” sign

•Spooky drink labels (you can print our Witch’s Brew and Snake Venom labels)

•Mini pumpkins

•One server