Thanksgiving Feast of Facts

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Happy Thanksgiving from City Furniture! As you get ready to gather ‘round and give thanks, check out these little known facts about everyone’s favorite food holiday. From shopping trivia to a history lesson, it’s the perfect way to break the ice before dinner is served.[/dropcap]


1. A Perfect 10: The average party size of a Thanksgiving feast is 10 people. And since that’s about five more guests than the average family seats any other day of the year, you might find yourself scrambling to find room. Lucky for you, we have an impressive selection of dining tables that come equipped with drop-in leaves so you can enjoy the right fit for any occasion.


2. Happy travels: Thanksgiving is the most travel-heavy holiday of the year, with 56 percent of drivers traveling at least 100 miles to visit friends and family. And if you’re the one hosting these out of town guests, we have 5 simple tips to update your guest room with style and ease.


3. Shopping kickoff: Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday shopping season. An astounding 226 million people will shop on Black Friday, followed by 120 million shoppers on Cyber Monday. And good news for those with furniture on their wish list, because this year we have an incredible lineup of Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings.


4. Animal parade: The Macy’s Day parade used to feature live animals such as camels, goats, donkeys, and lions, and were eventually replaced by giant helium balloons in 1927. Today, over 50 million viewers tune in to watch, and we guarantee it will look even better on any of our varied entertainment solutions.


5. Prepared chefs: Surprisingly, just 10 percent of Thanksgiving cooks wait until the day before to complete their grocery shopping. But just in case you left your furniture needs to the last minute, with same day delivery your Thanksgiving table can still arrive in time.