The 9 Stages of New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve: It’s a night full of excitement, expectation, and just a little bit of hilarity—especially when you add some gifs into the mix. Here, we break down all the stages of the biggest social night of the year.


Finding a solid plan:

Clueless Hallway Gif


Scouring your closet for some club-worthy gear:

ET Dress Up Gif


Catching an Über with friends:

Wayne's World Gif


Arriving at the party scene:

Zoolander Club Gif


Getting your drink on:

Amy Shumer Drinking Gif


Avoiding this guy:

Jason Segal Gif


Looking for someone to kiss at midnight:

Steve Urkel Gif


Telling your friends that you’re ready to leave:

John Snow Gif


Waking up ready to take on 2016:

Tina Fey Sleeping Gif