Humans of City Furniture: Brenda

Sit down with Brenda Pagliaro for even a minute, and chances are you’ll be inspired to do a good deed. That’s the kind of impact the City Furniture lawyer and altruist has on those around her. It all started 20 years when she became a stepmom to four sons, including one child with a congenital heart defect. She chaired the Northeast Broward American Heart Ball that year in his honor, and the charitable force hasn’t stopped since.

Over the years, Brenda has been involved in a variety of organizations, from being a founding member of the Boys and Girls Club of Deerfield Beach, to fundraising for a plastic surgeon to provide free surgeries to children born with cleft palates and other maladies in Bolivia, the Philippines, and Mexico.

And yet perhaps most inspiring is the ease in which she adapts this selflessness into her daily life. Committed to doing one random of act of kindness per day— whether it’s just letting someone in during traffic or secretly buying someone’s lunch—Brenda quietly proves that goodwill comes in all forms.