Humans of City Furniture: Daimion

Daimion Peppers had a life-changing moment on the top level of Mt. Fuji. He was in Japan visiting his brother, and along with his younger sister, the trio set out to hike the famed mountain. The tour guide warned them to stop walking when the clouds passed through, since the elevation would make it nearly impossible to see. But as the first cloud arrived, the adventurous Daimion pressed on, and quickly got separated from his family.

 Unsure of how to find them, he kept climbing, and found himself at the top of the mountain as night was falling and temperatures were quickly dropping. He tried to secure himself a bunker for the night, but didn’t have enough yen, and panic starting setting in. He wasn’t dressed properly, and he knew he needed to find warmth fast. Luckily, a young Japanese boy came to the rescue, offering a flashlight and the tip that he could get a bunker on the next level down for less money.

 As Daimion made his way back down, his entire body trembled from the cold, and the space between him and the mountain’s edge grew more and more narrow. He decided to turn around, and the last thing he remembered thinking was, “I’m not going to make it.” He then woke up in a warm bunker, and was told the only reason they found him lying on the ground was by the light of his flashlight. He asked around for that young boy who gave him the flashlight, but he was nowhere to be found. However, some locals noticed a symbol on the flashlight and gasped—it carried the marker of the rumored spirits that live on the mountain, helping those in need.