Humans of City Furniture: Dannon

As a talented former college football player, Dannon Monroe knows a thing or two about recruiters. And today, he’s the one doing the recruiting for City Furniture.

The former tight end for Fordham University and FIU had never banked on a career in athletics. Instead, he focused on academics, and after a record of perfect attendance, the job offers followed—he’d already accepted one when he came across the City Furniture booth at an FIU job fair. Drawn in by the dynamic energy, Dannon then attended an information session, which led to an eventful dinner at CEO Keith Koenig’s house. The job offer came shortly thereafter.

Dannon quickly worked his way up the ranks in sales, and eventually found his way into recruiting. He focuses on college and university relations, using his athletic experience to mentor his recruits, “I want to give future employees the playbook. When I hire someone, I’m looking for them to stay. And so far, it’s so great.”