Humans of City Furniture: John

Born in Nicaragua and a US citizen at 17, Merchandise Planner John Williams made the ultimate pledge of patriotism—he joined the military. He enlisted his senior year of high school, just months after 9/11. Choosing the Navy because it offered positions as a firefighter, he signed the papers in less than a week, and after graduation he was on his way to boot camp in Illinois.

His first deployment came soon after, landing on a ship in Italy by way of a helicopter, followed by a second tour in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf. And while the threat of a worst case scenario was always present, John never once felt scared. “I knew I was prepared; I was confident in the security levels, and if anything ever happened we would be able to respond and do our job.” It probably didn’t hurt that his future wife also worked on the ship, and her role was to scan the radar and look for threats. And while some details remain classified, you could say she protected him from a few close calls, and their enduring bond was formed.

Upon the end of his enlistment, John went to college to study architecture, found his first-ever corporate job here at City Furniture, and got married. Though his active military days are over, his patriotism remains stronger than ever. And for that, we thank you John, and every veteran on this day.