Furniture Infographic

The Ultimate Furniture Infographic

Did you know that City Furniture recycles nearly four million pounds of materials each year? To put it in perspective, that’s the equivalent of 465.25 grown elephants—and that’s just one reason we are proud to call ourselves the ultimate furniture store. See our infographic to learn more about our history, incredible product lineup, and more.

Fashion Week Furniture Design

Furniture Meets Fashion: New York Fashion Week Edition

No doubt furniture is our number one passion, but trend-worthy fashions and their oh so talented designers come in at a close second. Naturally we were glued to the runways of New York Fashion Week (and are currently saving our pennies and cutting carbs to make the pictured Alon Livne look happen), so we thought it was only fitting to combine our two great loves. Here, we upholster our very own Dekker and Roman chairs with our best and worst picks of the week. Enjoy!