Humans of City Furniture: Llunaily

From the ages of 10 to 18, Llunaily Hernandez’s life was in a three-ring circus as a hairialist, a hair-hanging acrobat. A simple steel pulley was tied into her braid to keep her safe from harm as she dangled 30 feet in the air for cheering crowds. Dedication to this ancient craft kept her fearless as an artist, and the applause was always welcomed.

 Llunaily came to America seven years ago, barely able to speak English, and created a better life for herself. Her artistry and focus were channeled into her work, where she was a quick learner who flawlessly demonstrated the same show-stopping grace she used on stage. And after three years as a supervisor, Llunaily was promoted to manager in the Repair Shop, where she brings her artistry to work every day.