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Tracking is only available once the Delivery Route has been set by our team. This usually happens the night before your scheduled appointment. Please check back when you are closer to your scheduled date.

Make sure that the phone number you are entering in the tracker is the same phone number that you used on your order.

if you are still unable to track your delivery, Please Contact Us.

City Furniture offers many delivery options to our Customers to accommodate their needs. All of our delivery services are offered in our local trading areas, which include the following:

South Florida Markets:
Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin counties

West Coast Markets:
Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties

Central Florida Markets:
The Villages
Lake, Orange (including Orlando), Osceola, and Seminole.

We also accommodate out of area deliveries. These deliveries occur once or twice a week and all delivery services may not be available to these areas:

South Florida Markets:
Florida Keys, including Key West

In addition to delivery in the above-specified markets, we export all over the world and offer domestic shipping to any destination in the continental United States and Canada. For domestic shipping or exports outside of our local trading area, please click here.

Premium Delivery in our regular delivery area will include assembly and set up along with the removal of any packaging materials.

Free Shipping does not include assembly, set up, or the removal of packaging materials. Sorry, but we do not wall mount mirrors, pictures, or televisions. Items picked up at our warehouse may also require assembly.

Any damage must be reported to Customer Care within one (1) day after delivery and will require clear photographs to arrange appropriate services. For minor damages, City Furniture will provide in-home repair service. To send your claim and photos, please click here.