Manufacturer's Warranty
CITY Furniture grants or implies no warranties of performance on any products. All warranties provided, if any, are manufacturer’s warranties. Warranty paperwork is typically included in the packaging of the product.
Many manufacturers who provide a warranty prefer to handle warranty claims directly. Some manufacturers prefer CITY Furniture to assist in warranty service. Should assistance be necessary, please contact the CITY Furniture Warranty Department through Customer Service. CITY Furniture will charge a fee for delivery and/or pick up charges if incurred while handling the manufacturer’s warranty claim.
For quality control purposes and verification, we reserve the right to request photographs of the damaged item(s) prior to processing a warranty claim.
What Does the Manufacturer Warranty Cover?
Most manufacturers’ warranties include repair or replacement of defective parts. They do not include the following:
  • Loss of use or time, inconvenience, expense or travel while parts are in the process of replacement or repair is in progress.
  • Coverage of leather and fabric against fading or discoloration from exposure to elements, oils, spills, fluids or chemicals.
  • Buckling or splitting of veneers resulting from exposure to moisture and/or heat. In no event shall CITY Furniture’s responsibility exceed the value of the originally purchased item. Call 1-(866)-930-4233 for service.
1-Year Or 3-Year In-Home Service Program (if purchased)
Your furniture is covered by the CITY Furniture, Inc. 1-Year or 3-Year In-Home Service program if so marked on your invoice. CITY Furniture will repair or replace any furniture with manufacturer’s defects in workmanship and materials for one year or three years from the date of delivery.
CITY Furniture will perform this service in your home, in the CITY Furniture trading area within the state of Florida. Clearance and electronics are not covered. As a bonus, if a claim is not made during the 1-year or 3-year term, CITY Furniture will reimburse the full amount as an in-store gift certificate. Service within the first 30 days does not affect your gift certificate. For information call 1-(866)-930-4233.
Cancelling Your Service Program
In the event that you cancel this service program, you shall receive a refund equal to 90% of the unearned pro rata premium less any claims that have been paid, or less the cost of repairs made on behalf of the warranty holder.

Outdoor 1-Year Or 3-Year Warranty Programs
1-Year Limited
Patio Renaissance cushions and slings are covered by this warranty for defects and failures such as discoloration, fading or broken seams within 1 year of the original date of purchase This warranty also applies to replaceable parts such as glides.
3-Year Limited
Patio Renaissance woven products are covered by this warranty for defects or failures of the woven material such as discoloration, fading or splitting of the woven material within 3 years of the original date of purchase. On claims after the first year of the purchase either the retailer or consumer will be required to pay any and all shipping charges on the replacement.
Stain Removal Plan (if purchased)
We offer a stain removal plan for all upholstered furniture and area rugs. This will give you peace of mind and help to protect your investment. A Pure&Simple cleaning kit is included in the cost of the program and will assist with removing most stains. Call us at 954-718-3344 within 5 days of the stain occurring to receive stain removal assistance and/or to schedule professional stain removal.
  • This is a spot removal plan and does not provide general cleaning for the entire piece.
  • Under this program, if you encounter a stain, clean the area using only the cleaners provided in the Pure Care Kit as directed.
Is My Pure&Simple Cleaning Kit Safe?

Our Pure&Simple natural cleaners are:
  • Biodegradable
  • Free of VOCs
  • Phosphate Free
  • Ozone Friendly
  • Free of Hazardous Air Pollutants
Does My Stain Removal Plan Cover Accidental Stains?

Our Stain Removal Plan Covers Accidental Stains:
  • Food & Drink (wine, coffee, spaghetti, chocolate)
  • Kids (crayons, juice, vomit, blood)
  • Pets (bodily fluids)
  • Ink (pens, markers, highlighters)
This Agreement EXCLUDES Stains or Damages Resulting From:
  • Anything other than household foods, beverages, ink or human or pet bodily fluids.
  • Substances which destroy or change the color of fabrics such as gums, corrosives and bleaches.
  • Furniture in transit or storage, fabric flaws or fading and treated fabrics that have been abused or mishandled.
  • Damage caused by fire, flood, wind, lightning or any other natural disaster or fabrics or leather that have been burned, ripped or torn, or subject to misuse or abuse, violence, vandalism, accident or alteration.
If a stain is unable to be removed, the affected part or entire piece will be replaced free of charge. CITY Furniture reserves the right to cancel this agreement and refund the purchase price.