Five ways to make it work.

The struggle is real—and by that we mean the struggle to make a home office that fits your personal space. With more and more people working from home these days, we’re noticing a need for home offices that come in all shapes and sizes.


Because while we all want a home office that’s stylish and inspiring, everyone’s home layout is totally unique. That’s why we got to work coming up with five solutions that can get anyone motivated.


The Corner Office


Have a spare corner somewhere in your home? Then it’s time to give that empty space a major promotion. The key is going with an l-shaped desk that’s specifically made to fit corners. After that, all you’ll need is a cute chair and accessories to get the creativity flowing. Since this idea will be sharing an existing room, just be mindful to match the décor and style that’s already there.


The Bedroom Office


It’s okay to press snooze when your work commute is only a couple of feet. The bedroom office is ideal for those who live in a studio apartment, or if you simply don’t have space elsewhere. You can even make the desk multi-task as a vanity by adding a free-standing mirror or swapping out the cork board with a wall-hanging one. Keep beauty supplies in one drawer and your office supplies in the other, and you’re all set to go from day to night. And back to day again.


The Power Couple Office


Whether it’s with a business or life partner, if you share your home office, then you need a space for two. A peninsula desk is a space-saving option because it allows both of you to sit at one desk, while offering storage on both sides. This gives you both room to stash your belongings, without needing to cram two desks into one room. They say two minds are better than one, right?


The Wall Office


The cousin of the corner office, the wall office is also based on sharing space with another room. Whether it’s a spare wall in your guest room, living room, or dining room, you can create an ultra-roomy space by using the entire side of one room. Give yourself the freedom to rearrange the furniture down the line by using modular pieces. For example, flank a small desk with two shelving units.


The Full-Time Office



If you’re lucky enough to have an extra room all to yourself, then the sky is pretty much the limit. Give yourself a traditional home office by investing in a complete desk and storage set. The more shelves and drawers the better, as this opens up the space to be used as craft room, sewing room, music room, or whatever other hobby you might have. Invest in pieces that have features like soft-close drawers and wire management, as this will help keep everything nice and orderly.


Bottom line: If there’s a home office will, then there’s most definitely a way. It all comes down to choosing the right pieces, and opting for modular solutions that can be customized. We love our Newport and Highline home office line for precisely those purposes. Plus, they come with bonus features like self-closing drawers and wire management.